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Saturday, September 26, 2009 @ 10:32 PM
The Subsequent Departure

Oooooh, All Time Low! 

Anywho, it's been almost a week now since I took a leave from university. The abrupt time phase never fails to put me in awe, feels like I was just cruising along the highway, looking forward to come back home. Well, tomorrow's journey would just be the opposite direction as semester 1 starts on Monday. Somehow, the feeling is different. The students of Foundation in Engineering (April & July) would be segregated into 3 groups now, indirectly implying a whole new different environment once again. It's back to square one; knowing your friends, foes and competitors well. 

"Count your blessings and mind your business." - Sluggo. 

Does that apply to you? 

Anyways, here's the picture summary! :D



Don't mind the diversion of what I'm saying, but I drive myself crazy because of you. Seriously. 

It's 11pm once again, time is ticking time is running out, and I'm still here draining myself away to the very bitter end. I hope I've packed everything properly, though there are a few pieces left here and there.. WARGH FUCK PACKING. To think that I will have to unpack when I reach campus. WELL, FUCK THAT TOO! Dang, I'm in a foul mood. 

I probably will not update my blog as much when I'm back in university, so hang in there my dear. 

Love again,
Jacy Ong. 

Friday, September 25, 2009 @ 9:46 PM
The Awkward Sensation

Somehow.. I don't feel good. 

@ 12:35 PM
The Forgotten Shots


Thursday, September 24, 2009 @ 9:32 PM

... and they said that I look tribal today. Hmmm. Whatever ahah. 

TODAY WAS AWESOME ANYWAYS! I have not seen the girls in months oh my. Today's gathering was absolutely fantastic fabulous and flawless. 

Btw, I've been notified by a couple of friends that the timetable for Autumn 2009/2010 has been out for a few days now. Hearing that, I immediately logged into my Nottingham's OWA for further details. Here comes the load of Semester 1 baby. 

Mathematical Techniques
Thermal Science
Calculus 1
Electricity and Magnetism A
Computer Methods
Study Skills
Moral Studies 

...it does look initimdating doesn't it? Boy am I glad there isn't any Chemistry though. It's about time to be independent, to be mentally prepared and to be fully geared for my next semester. I'll see you guys in 10 weeks! 

Jacy Ong. 

Tuesday, September 22, 2009 @ 7:16 PM
The Encounters

Coming back to Ipoh gives me such liberation. I've missed so many things in my life, I cannot afford to miss anything else anymore, can I? :) 

I finally went out with Junting after such long absence. Come to think of it, so much had been wasted just to suit our egos. Things are looking better now though, so it's cool! 

... on the other hand

Met up with Amanda & Wai Kit today to do some shit together. But Wai Kit left earlier soooo..

AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! *fangirls* 


Worst place to be a ho, honestly. 

We both look alike in some ways, you dig. 

Btw, I think I need a haircut? Gah. I hate haircuts. 

Monday, September 21, 2009 @ 9:09 PM
The Law of Gravity

Her best, I would say. 

Saturday, September 19, 2009 @ 8:28 PM
The Rockstar


...for only one miserable week though. 

Damn, it's been long I know. It's been generally accepted that 2 months is probably a long duration of time, in views of myself, I think so too. I've left my blog hanging by the balance, losing its own equilibrium as the days pass. Shit, nobody grows up to be a pegasus. But what the hell.

So, where should I start? How can I summarize 2 months into a-few-minutes-worth of blog reading? I guess thats what you get for neglecting a blog. Life in Nottingham nevertheless, has been awesome. I'm surrounded by great friends, not forgetting my old ones as well. You'll be surprised how much time has changed me within this period of time. The way I converse has completely changed, highly likely due to the fact that my friends are all witty and crazy ones. Unfortunately for me, I have only 3 girlfriends. WHAT THE FUCK MAN. The other chinese girls are just *coughcough* how should I put it in a way so that no one gets offended hmmm. We're not of the same frequency and wavelength, bitches. Well, me not speaking Chinese is definitely another factor to this bizarre phenomenon I guess. :S

Nottingham is lovely, despite the sceptics in the end it was true. Lectures and tutorials are unusually enjoyable, except for fucking Chemistry. No disrespect but... GO TO HELL CHEMISTRY YOU MAKE ME SICK I HOPE YOU GET CANCER IN YOUR DICK OR SUMFINK OR NUTTIN! I particularly enjoy Mechanics lectures, as Dr. Toh is just so adorable lol. Light, Waves & Electrons on the other hand, is filled with bullets and trains. My lecturer talks so fast that he could produce rap music by the end of the next semester! My English lecturer meanwhile, is such a dedicated one. When I started off, I sucked in academic writing lol. For real! There were so many areas I needed to improve on. Under the guidance of her throughout the whole 10 weeks, I've improved. I'm really proud of the grammar portfolio I've come up with. I can finally write academically now! YAYYYY. No more creative writing and shit. 

The atmosphere had always been great with them. 


For the past 2 months, though, I've been faced with many different shapes and sizes of life and how people would react towards each other. Meeting new acquintances are always exciting, but sometimes things just go wrong. People tend to misuse your trust for them for something else, to the extent that I nearly got sexually violated for a few times. I've learnt my lesson now, taking heed in whatever I do, in whoever I meet. Those who were being so supportive back then, thanks man. 

Ah, what can I say? There were dreadful times, but all in all it's all about having fun and live life to the fullest in university. 

& that was why I'm here for in the first place. :)

Speaking about living life, let's talk about my room! Well there's nothing much really. I'm currently with the single shared ensuite bathroom shit thing. Can't wait for Wei to be back so that we could like share the toilet together! Lol, sounded so gay. I'm pretty much satisfied and happy with my room right now, ignoring the fact that there is somehow a great deal amount of dust everywhere. Because the place is always so cooling, I don't see the need for an AC anyway. (I have TWOOOO fans in my room yo!) Nonetheless the only thing I'm afraid of most in my room is cockroaches. The possibility of witnessing one in my room is scarce, however one night I saw one. I completely freaked out.

There are several ways in which Jacy Ong could deliberately put a stop to a cockroach's life.

i) You have to scream first! *screams O MAI GOD!!!!11!!22!!*
ii) You must not panic. As we all know, panic screws things up.  
iii) Approach the cockroach like a man. (Results may vary for different genders.)
iv) Back off the cockroach just in case it wants to rape you! 
v) Repeat step iii-iv again and again until you've gained some confidence. (This part was the toughest for me, at least.)
vi) Direct and spray as much Ridsect as you want, until it reeks the whole room! 
vii) Catch it with a tissue and wrap it up. 
viii) Flush it down the toilet with a great amount of detergent. 
ix) After it's been flushed, pour more detergent and flush it again, to ensure 100% death of that fucking cockroach. 

... Works like a charm, trust me. 8D



Oh yeah by the way, to all SPM and future SPM students, whatever you've been learning or about to learn is pure bullshit. Whoa that was hard to say, considering the fact that I came from the same side.  

Yayy. mommy got me a perfume. *runs around in circles* I'll be changing my glasses as well, my current one is just fucked up. Kicked it around, dropped it around. Fuh, poor baby. 

Btw, Happy Raya to all my friends regardless whether you're a Muslim or not as we all stand by the quote of 1Malaysia! *cough*