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skin by: Jane
Monday, July 6, 2009 @ 10:58 AM
The Next Brave Step

Navigating my brand new notebook is difficult without a friggin mouse. But I'm getting the hang of it, as usual I suppose. Explain better when I'm trying to see some better days. Definitely would want to thank my parents for my new baby, it's Toshiba M300 I think. Cool silky black exterior, although I really wanted the red one the HDD space made me think twice. After all, it's what on the inside that really matters. 

It's quite safe to say that i've almost packed everything in, I just need a few more minor adjustments to do before leaving this Wednesday. To be honest I'm blinded by the cross of both anticipation and apprehension. I'll make my way in the crowd. 

&& my cousin is now also my toilet mate! As wrong as that may have sounded, I'm so glad we'll be sharing the ensuite bathroom together. Unfortunately she's on her 4 months holiday right now, so I'll probably be seeing her in September. The sun's up for us, Wei would be doing her volunteer job at the SBS while I'll be settling in Nottingham for new everything. 

To everyone who'd be in the same boat as I am, have a clear mind. It's time to discard all the useless memories and shit that has been in your head for the past 6 months. Leaving this was probably the best thing you ever taught me, I'll be back soon. 

It's a new pavement now. Falling back to how we're going to build, shape & nurture it. 

Thursday, July 2, 2009 @ 1:29 PM
The Smooth Criminal

Woke up today with a text from Evon. Little did I know I had to get my ass off the bed and get ready as she's coming over to pick me & Christine up from what I would like to call 'The Last Straw Together'. Not literally of course, we get along pretty much quite well. Though, things were much easier back then when we were in school. Seems like now we're all heading different directions, grasping different dreams. It is undeniably difficult, but we'll pull it through. I hope I won't end up being a complete social outcast when I'm in my university. Highly doubt it, but oh well. 

Speaking about myself right now, I'm currently in the slighest dilemma as I have not really done much packing and shit. Would go shopping frenzy this Saturday with my mother, my checklist isn't that simple ya' know! Looks like I'll be putting some incredibly big holes in my mom's wallet. And no, I haven't even talked about getting my laptop just yet for I'm still undecided. Looking for the right practical one is just so hard, all the more I'm really not a computer prodigy. As,

yarororostino: uhm
yarororostino: tell me what specs you want to put in
Hellborn Ycaj Di: wth .________.
yarororostino: you got quite a few choices there..
yarororostino: go to "specs"
yarororostino: and then see XD
Hellborn Ycaj Di: oh god im so stupid XD
yarororostino: XDD
Hellborn Ycaj Di: imma noob in computer stuffs so deal with it! 
yarororostino: -enter complex specs here-
yarororostino: there you go
yarororostino: that's what i'd take, i guess
yarororostino: i tried not to take the most expensive things
yarororostino: try selecting that stuff and then look what price it is
Hellborn Ycaj Di: O___________O
Hellborn Ycaj Di: i'll need time to digest all that crapload of unknown words.. XD
yarororostino: XDD

See what I mean? I wasn't born to do IT stuffs, so I'm thankful to have a computer-science-to-be hot guy as a buddy. *cough*

To Christine, Vanessa & Evon who would be leaving this week .

Christine and I were practically strangers in Wijaya tuition once, alongside with HuiChin and others. 

Vanessa. God, what else should I say about her? My best friend when I was in primary school then. 

Evon hahah, someone who wouldn't get mad at all but yet tends to piss me off at times. But I still love you! 

As for myself, I'll be leaving next Wednesday for my tertiary education in the University of Nottingham. Alaa, tentulah Malaysia campus lah kan, what were you thinking?! United Kingdom ke? Kalau gitu, saya pun mau. I wanna be as close to Walliams as possible. :D

He's so so so so so hot.