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skin by: Jane
Saturday, May 30, 2009 @ 12:15 PM
The Cutest Thing Ever.

.... well for now, till I bump into yet another cute thang. 

BUT HOLYSHITOMG! I've been watching Pocoyo on Playhouse Disney for a few days now. Okay I know I'm like gonna turn 18 soon and should really need to get a life, but I love him! He's so cute. I wished I could adopt him or sumfink or nuttin ya' know. *cries* 

He's my baby! >:D 

Thursday, May 28, 2009 @ 10:23 PM
The First Encounter

What the silly kid and her friends did today. 8D

@ 2:03 PM
The Latest Update

Got a call from dad minutes ago.

Dad : Have you received the thing you orderred?
Me : Hahah eeeyyyyyyyeesssssssss! 
Dad : When you need me to get you something, you'll get all nice.
Dad : Any news from JPA?
Me : So far, none. 
Dad : Daddy has friends there, most likely you'll be going to Swinburne in Sarawak.
Me : Nottinghaaaaaaammmmmm. But oh well, Swinburne. 

I'm thankful, honestly. But damn. 

Wednesday, May 27, 2009 @ 11:46 PM
The Unusual


Watching 8 Out of 10 Cats at the moment, there's no word to describe my obsession with Walliams. Oh shit I wanna die someone please kill me now, can't help but to feel aggravated that it's a no-win situation. >_>

Went for Angels and Demons with Amanda after school today. Suspence here and there, though, I have to say I didn't really get the terms much. Damn you know what, I still think Digital Fortress was Dan Brown's powerhouse. I'm not those of the sponges that could absorb stuffs concerning religion, blasphemy, controversy, logic, physics and science at one go. I'd love to hope for a remake of Digital Fortress in the the form of a rolling film, I reckon it'd be as pulse-running-written story as the book was. To those who haven't read Digital Fortress yet, it's recommended by Jacy Ong. 8D

I got a reeeeaaaalllllyyyyy cute pair of glasses! I've seen people wearing it but oh well... FUCK 'EM!! 

Do I look smarter in these? Or have I just made myself look like a fool. XD 

Oh and did I tell you that the moment I stepped into the sudut bacaan, some girl said I looked like Adam Lambert whoa. She was a rather uber friendly girl I guess, fired me with questions and shit. I was being real nice and demure while Amanda was losing it in the most literal way. You just suck maaaannn. ;) 

Anonymous : ADAM LAMBERT! You look like Adam Lambert!
Me : Uhhhh, okay thanks? o-O
Amanda : IN WHAT WAY?!!??!?!
Me : *laughs* 
Anonymous : Though, he has a brighter smile than you. 
Me : ..... ASDFG!!!!11one!!11! (Well, not like I can smile that good. XDDD)

Monday, May 25, 2009 @ 7:14 PM
The Power of Now


Had a gathering with SuetChing yesterday. It was a really quick return to Malaysia I suppose. However I was so glad to have at least met her before she made her way back to Singapore. She's doing really well in Singapore, and she's got a few nice friends over there! It's as awesome as described man. One day we'll make a trip down to Singapore and visit SuetChing. :) On the other hand, that sorta hit me in the head as to why didn't I go there. Singapore Polytechnic is well-endowed, so are the other polytechnics. Damn, I guess thats why I try not to cry over spilt beer whereas at the very same time, I'm glad. Heh, when a door closes another opens babe. 


I wanna watch Monsters vs Aliens so badly, probably its coz of the blue jelly round blob thang. I find him extremely süßßßßßßßßß. Oh, Blobby. 

I have another terrible obsession with someone. This time it's reaaaaalllllyyyyyy big. God.

Thursday, May 21, 2009 @ 12:58 AM
The High End of Low

I'm listening to his new album right now. It sounds pretty good to me so far.

I've also learnt that people shouldn't really hold too much expectations towards any album actually. Cmon, look at all the drama around you, isn't that enough already? I'm so sick of seeing people bashing Manson up coz he has one of the worst voices out there. So sick of seeing people misperceiving him for his exteriorities. Damn, I'm so sick of this shit man. I agree to the fact that freedom of speech should be allowed, and things are going to get ironic after this. Freedom of speech huh, you can suck my dick if I ever do have one. If there was ever that FOS around, people wouldn't be put behind bars for it. The superiors would never have gone to the extent of belittling the inferiors. I mean, the world lives by reality not ideality. 

he needs to ritired,new album is pop rock music,so crappy music

...dude what the hell that was man? Spell correctly for fuck's sake. I don't really care if Manson has evolved to become a pop-rock star or something, if that's the direction he wants to go with, it's fine with me. Don't expect so much from someone when you're not even them. Well yes, Manson's music may not be particularly brilliant in terms of its technical profficiency but overall if you really go through the lyrics you'll catch the message he wants to be sent across. Though, only a handful would do that huh? Just enjoy the music and treat it with some respect at least as a very-well written and scripted piece of art. 

Remember, music can also be enjoyed if it's artistic and intriguing, if not techincally good. :) 

Target Audience (Narcissus Narcosis)

am i sorry your sky went black, put your knives in babies backs?
am i sorry you killed the kennedy's and huxley too?
but i'm sorry shakespeare was your scapegoat
and your apples sticking into my throat
sorry your sunday smiles are rusty nails
and your crucifixion commercials failed
but i'm just a pitiful anonymous

and i see all the young believers, your target audience
i see all the old deceivers, we all just sing their song

am i sorry to be alive, putting my face in the beehive?
am i sorry for booth and oswald, pinks and cocaine too?
i'm sorry you never check the bag in my head for a bomb
and my halo was a needle hole, i'm sorry i saw a priest being beaten
and i made a wish, but i'm just a pitiful anonymous

and i see all the young believers, your target audience
i see all the old deceivers, we all just sing their song
we all just sing their song

"the valley of death we are free, your father's your prison you see"

and i see all the young believers, your target audience
i see all the old deceivers, we all just sing their song

you're just a copy of an imitation

Good shit. 

Tuesday, May 19, 2009 @ 1:46 AM
The Depressed Kid

I realized a really sad pathetic thing. 


Telling Yaro about Darren, Daniel and Christian. If Yaro was gay maybe I'll like him all that much. Thank god he isn't. For fuck's sake Jacy Ong! 

.... stay away from me if you're gay I'll probably maybe kinda sorta somehow somewhat stalk the hell outta you. 8D

Sunday, May 17, 2009 @ 10:26 PM
The Huge Satisfaction

It was phenomenal and sensational. I can't believe it. Probably I'll just say that again when another tournament comes in rolling lol. XD  

I was really looking forward to the men's doubles final between China and Korea. What can I say more bout these two countries? Cai Yun & Fu Haifeng representing China against Lee Yong Dae & Jung Jae Sung from Korea. They perform up to the very standard, in fact sometimes they've got the benchmark set higher in the badminton industry. Albeit Malaysia's doubles has lost in the semi finals, China can never be denied of this. 

The whole time when I watch watching the match, if my memory serves me correctly, my blood was pumping with full shot of adrenaline. I'm more inclined to doubles actually, compared to singles. It's all about the smashes, footwork, divings, the ability to maneuvuer the shuttlecock just so right that it gives you that crucial point in every match-ups. Agility plays a very important role as well. China has the whole package, contributing to them being the overall champion for the Sudirman Cup '09. They not only retained the championship after all these years, they retained it without dropping a match at all. 

Our players have certainly made us proud too, having not bagged anything home but really, mad props given to them. Lee Chong Wei, Koo Kien Keat and Tan Boon Heong, you guys are awesome! 

Once again, China. China shows world dominance in world badminton. The 80 centimetres, plated with 20 karats of gold and solid silver. OWNED! 

.... I want more badminton tournaments! It's so frustrating to watch yet insatiable. And I find it kinda sad that sports played by the asians are not as claimed worldwide. Soccer, tennis and golf makes badminton and ping pong look like the 'underdogs' in sports. 

So screw it I'm still sticking to my badminton!