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skin by: Jane
Monday, March 30, 2009 @ 3:13 PM
The Between In-Torn

Things just have to come into my face one after another. So here's the thing. I got the offer from Singapore earlier today. Basically for all you know, I can already start packing my suitcases and get my ass ready to leave for Singapore soon. There's JPA, however. I myself know very well I cannot let go of that opportunity. I had my eyes set on since I got my SPM results, despite the fact Singapore was another alternative as well. So right now, I'm torn in between. I have to discuss this with my parents, I know they'll ask me to focus on my JPA scholarship. On the contrary, the chances are comparable to a thread of linen. What if I fail to get it? By that time I have already watched my tertiary education spent in Singapore Polytechnic, slip away. 

So? What will I decide on after? We shall see. It's time for serious business. 


How much longer am I gonna take lah. I fucking fell down on the road again when I'm jogging. This is not the first time geez. My knees and elbows are bleeding profusely. It hurts so much. I was groaning my way home, washing away the wounds. I dunno what to do with thet fucking wounds lah. Much to take today. 

Epik High is helping me cope along somehow. Hoon. My soul. Fuck yeah. I'll cough out the blood and spit it out. I will never die. You'll see. 

Sunday, March 29, 2009 @ 6:16 PM
The Perfect Trio

The three of us makes the perfect trio sometimes. It was also another abrupt plan made after midnight. Well thank god this time Pn. Loh was in school! Had there been another absence of her, I'd kill myself for going back to school again and again for nothing. Lol, I got char-grilled by my dad for buying a pomelo worth less than 11 bucks. I feel so cheated for my money. Cuss you pomelo-selling-old-lady! ._.

Omg so cute right. She kept looking at me. XD Trust it or not, its entirely up to you. 

The exceptional case. Was trying my best to smile but it faded off. I didn't know my dad was that tall. >_>


Saturday, March 28, 2009 @ 8:06 PM
The Value of Epik

... they've done it again. I'm so fucking proud of them. 

Fans are all rooting for them from all around the globe, there's nothing more important than being there for them honestly. They've had sleepless nights, certainly proved to us that the fans are always at number 1. Unlike other greedy bastards out there, surprisingly this is the first ever album I'm gonna purchase online no matter what. I've been pestering my father for Map The Soul, regardless of how much money I have to chip in for Epik High. The anticipation alone is killing me. Map The Soul sounded so wonderful. 

However, I'm sure all of us are no strangers to pirating music at this very second. I practically do it everyday, it has become a part of my life when I'm thirsty for brand new good music. I need it instantly. Theoritically like cup noodles huh. If only my parents wouldn't worry too much that I'd get cheated on the internet for all these online purchases. If only I had more money to spend on the brilliant music I love right now. If only man. Back then when I was younger, I never thought of the painstaking effort needed for each artist to produce and even distribute their music all around the world to cater to the fans. Seriously, I've never been that thoughtful. 

But you see, I've matured. I've always been in the process. Sometimes its the spur of the moment when I realize. Unfortunately, I sheepishly crawled back to my usual music pirating skit. To be honest, its not something I am proud of. Especially if you're really supporting the artist. For those out there who didnt know, Epik High ejected themselves out of Woolim Entertainment. Well, that simply means, all the work has to be done by themselves. Promoting their own music, distributing the music to us single handed, taking it all DIRECTLY to the fans without middle person but themselves. They're taking independence to a whole new level. 

I was just awed, I didnt expect Epik High to take such risky step. But as a fan, I'll support them all way long. They are now free to create artistic and sharp music without any restriction or whatsofuckingever. After all, them getting banned for their music is no longer anything surprising. One of the reasons why I love them. The ugly truth NEEDS to get out to the people. Ah, it breaks my heart to see them work this hard for us. They hand-folded 1500 t-shirts and packaged them on their own. With their own bare hands. They have not slept for days. I dunno why I'm tearing up for them right now. They are just such role models for us especially. Never ever giving up till the last minute. Things have been rough for them. We crashed their server. Getting the international orders to run smoothly has been a bugger. Ah, I'd hang myself if I were put in their shoes. .___. 

Alright, screw the fucking bitches who are causing a major stir right now. I'm agreeing with Sasa, its scaring away fans. Lets be realistic here, where would you get to know Epik High if it wasn't for the uploads on the net? Its not like you're gonna go in a music store and just grab their CD right. Thats just plain absurd. At the end of the day, it depends on you. Whether do you want to give them your support or not. After downloading like their whole discography, considering these circumstances for them, I'm finally gonna get this book album. 

Everything will all fall back to the mighty internet I guess. 

.... Sampling music before buying it is a wise thing to do.

Thursday, March 26, 2009 @ 10:44 PM
The Pileload of Work

This is so not called for. Well I never expected it to be this stressful. Here's the load-on, I'll be going for my JPA interview in a week or so. This is one of the most crucial interviews you'd ever get and go for in your life, so I guess you can picture what my friends and I are going through right now maybe. It's not as stressful as I've said it was actually, dude if you're well prepared and all that crap, it's the very best you're giving them. I'm still working on it, have never done any researches or whatsoever since my SPM. The gears in my head are probably screeching as they try to work for me. Cmon baby. 

Blasting my headphones with Epik High's shizz music. Motivation and inspiration are provided for, whenever I'm listening to them. I love Epik High man. Live and die for this fucking dream. I may be a hypocrite sometimes, but hey all of us are hypocrites for at least once in your life man. Its human nature, no? =) 

Hahah, before our interview with the JPA officers we're to take an online test. Just the number of questions will leave you stammering LOL. Check this out, 245 questions in 60 minutes ; 282 questions in 75 minutes. This might be worse than my SPM man! Well apparently you just have to answer either yes or no. Oh well. But still, the two-figures is certainly intimidating enough. 

Errr, thats all I guess. I forgot what I wanted to write. Ah yes! On a lighter note, today was heaps of fun with my friends again. Made yet another fruitless trip back to school, after realizing the principal isnt in. Oh well, had a good chat with my class teacher, Puan Habibah. We absolutely love her. Here comes the uber fun part. We were being barbarians in the cinema. Like seriously, we were the only crazy group of kids laughing and screaming 24/7 as soon as the movie started rolling. I pitied those couples ya know~~ Do it at home. XD 

@ 2:36 AM
The Musheroomie.

Dedicated to you Mushroom. 

Hellborn Ycaj Disturbed Angel - I worship you. XDDD says:
(#)浅倉真 - ohh, a leery Spanish-speaking ancient Druid deity. Spooky. says:
Hellborn Ycaj Disturbed Angel - I worship you. XDDD says:
Hellborn Ycaj Disturbed Angel - I worship you. XDDD says:
(#)浅倉真 - ohh, a leery Spanish-speaking ancient Druid deity. Spooky. says:
nyahahahahaha, the perverted oldman
Hellborn Ycaj Disturbed Angel - I worship you. XDDD says:
cute too~
Hellborn Ycaj Disturbed Angel - I worship you. XDDD says:
aw.. musu is cute weh
Hellborn Ycaj Disturbed Angel - I worship you. XDDD says:
omg we always end up talking bout anime
(#)浅倉真 - ohh, a leery Spanish-speaking ancient Druid deity. Spooky. says:
his specs lagi cute <333
Hellborn Ycaj Disturbed Angel - I worship you. XDDD says:
i knowww.. :(
Hellborn Ycaj Disturbed Angel - I worship you. XDDD says:
he loves shampooo
(#)浅倉真 - ohh, a leery Spanish-speaking ancient Druid deity. Spooky. says:
lolz...i dunno what are we talking most of the time, i'll be laughing like hell
Hellborn Ycaj Disturbed Angel - I worship you. XDDD says:
funny meh
Hellborn Ycaj Disturbed Angel - I worship you. XDDD says:

(#)浅倉真 - ohh, a leery Spanish-speaking ancient Druid deity. Spooky. says:
no...i'll become a 'laughing biscuit' of ur friends -_-"
Hellborn Ycaj Disturbed Angel says:
what laughing biscuit
Hellborn Ycaj Disturbed Angel says:
Hellborn Ycaj Disturbed Angel says:
for what
Hellborn Ycaj Disturbed Angel says:
Hellborn Ycaj Disturbed Angel says:
Hellborn Ycaj Disturbed Angel says:
(#)浅倉真 - ohh, a leery Spanish-speaking ancient Druid deity. Spooky. says:
cos u'll quote it in ya blog..ur blog so many ppl visit wei..malulah saya nanti ;p
Hellborn Ycaj Disturbed Angel says:
wont wan lahhh XD
Hellborn Ycaj Disturbed Angel says:
Hellborn Ycaj Disturbed Angel says:
they dunno who you are also
Hellborn Ycaj Disturbed Angel says:

(#)浅倉真 - ohh, a leery Spanish-speaking ancient Druid deity. Spooky. says:
Hellborn Ycaj Disturbed Angel - grip falls away says:
Hellborn Ycaj Disturbed Angel - grip falls away says:
i love mesmerize and toxicity albumss
(#)浅倉真 - ohh, a leery Spanish-speaking ancient Druid deity. Spooky. says:
I.COME to enrol in TARC in pink hair last year -_-
Hellborn Ycaj Disturbed Angel - grip falls away says:
steal this album is good too
Hellborn Ycaj Disturbed Angel - grip falls away says:
Hellborn Ycaj Disturbed Angel - grip falls away says:
(#)浅倉真 - ohh, a leery Spanish-speaking ancient Druid deity. Spooky. says:
ahahaha, u shud see the cover art for Steal this album <3
Hellborn Ycaj Disturbed Angel - grip falls away says:
saw it
Hellborn Ycaj Disturbed Angel - grip falls away says:
(#)浅倉真 - ohh, a leery Spanish-speaking ancient Druid deity. Spooky. says:
why should they? i wore my full piercings also xD
Hellborn Ycaj Disturbed Angel - grip falls away says:
you know what
(#)浅倉真 - ohh, a leery Spanish-speaking ancient Druid deity. Spooky. says:

Be sure to read LINE BY LINE. Aight, another post for you Mushroom aka Shinyi, as requested? WAHAHAH. 

Tuesday, March 24, 2009 @ 2:31 PM
The Psycho and So Much More


Damn son. System of a Down madness


Apparently this cute thing is a fusion of Majinbuu & Patrick LOL. I name it MajinPat. She wants it BuuStarr tho. Thats me agreeing. Thanks Shinyi darling. MWAHHAHA.

@ 1:48 AM
The A-List

... right now. 

i) EPIK HIGH'S MAP THE SOUL BOOK ALBUM. Yes you got it right, a CD in a fucking book. We're definitely seeing the pioneers to it on the 27th March baby. 

ii) System of a Down is so freaking good. They merged above Slipknot, in which I finally realized. Serj, Baron, Shavo & John kick ass. Clean, rock solid music. Extra points. 

iii) Marilyn Manson. Once again, one of the smartest guy in the industry. He'll be releasing his new album in May. It'll be full of good shit I know. Also, there'll be a nine-minutes music video. I wonder what masterpiece would come outta Manson. 

iv) The All-American Rejects. Ah I loved them since few years back. They should definitely have more albums rather than just three, which is sadly scheduled between long year of intervals. >_> 

Sunday, March 22, 2009 @ 7:28 PM
The Official Release part2

We regret to inform you that our webpage is facing a temporary 
technical problem due to the flood of traffic on March 21st. More  
than 300,000 of you visited us at once, resulting in a server crash.  
You are absolutely amazing! Thank you for your love and support.  
We will have the site up and properly functioning by March 23rd.  

revolution begins with one step.  



A FREAKING PREVIEW! I'm getting more excited as the anticipated day comes. Left my jaw dropped when its stated that THREEHUNDREDTHOUSANDDDDZ fans crashed their webpage at one time. .... dude Epik High has amazing fans. Not to forget me. Man, this is great! I can't wait to get my hands on the book album if possible, but seeing that I can barely order things online.. *hangs head* Need I tell you what distress means? =\ 


Sze Wei and I went on a date earlier in JJ. Yes I had to deliberately say that as my mother was sorta curious+worried in a way that I was going out with some girl again. Hence the bombards at me right before I left for the movie. Swt lol. I'd take her out if I could, I mean she's such a nice girl. Whats wrong with it? :)  We had so much to catch up with, watched The International together, it was pretty much thrash material. I didn't get the plot. Either that or I'm just a plain dumb ass. I enjoyed the evening with her. I was wondering if I sorta bored her to death lol. Iono, I can be boring sometimes. I was a good company, though. XD Hmmm, I wonder when I'll be able to see her again. It's futile to think of it anyway. 

Well, I had to flaunt my brand new headphones. 

This looked oddly disturbing to me when it first came. 

YcajGno plays with her food. PROUD!

Yeah thats my gf there. XD

Sze Wei & YcajGno

I love her! 

Rad capture again.

@ 1:25 AM



Was laughing nonstop on the mic with Sasa omg. He told me bout his pet turtle. Since he's in Germany, when its winter the temperature would be too cold apparently for it, while in the house itself it'll be too warm due to the heater. So, he dumped his turtle in the fridge. LOL WTF?! It survived miraculously. I had a fun time laughing. Sadly, it died after two days in the fridge.. Tsk~


I wish I could go to Vienna's concert. Hopefully there'll be good recordings from Cologne. Kansas beats everything else. 

Saturday, March 21, 2009 @ 3:58 PM
The War of MEGIDDO

RENTRER EN SOI's gave an emotional last one-man tour live on Christmas Day 2008 at Shibuya Club Quattro. Yes I know I'm way too late for this live, don't start thrashing me down. The last live was just great. 

I've always been wondering why do they hold their concerts in such small venues. Was it because they hadn't enough fans? No one would come? Prolly its just another way to get closer to the fans themselves. You know, I wished was standing in the crowd with them, cheering them on their last journey together as a band. They kicked off the live with LAST SCENE, which somehow resulted in me shedding tears instantly when Satsuki started singing. His voice just pierces right through the heart everytime. That part hurt me like bulleyes man. Honestly, I'm not gonna write a long winding review about the live as many others have written better ones than I have. Wait, I have NEVER written any reviews lol. Probably I'll suck at it. 

I'm gonna write a tad bit on the songs that were made memories in my head, however. Ah what more can I say? LAST WORD [ ]  was 
just another beautiful ballad by RENTRER EN SOI, they had two version of this, both equally overwhelming. The stage was set in such an ambience that the whole crowd went quiet, thereafter Satsuki unleashing his gorgeous vocals and falsettos. With that much of enthusiasm in him, he brought it. The sorrowful love song of never being able to see someone he loves anymore. Ftw. Seriously, this wasn't the best performance yet mate.

I knew I was bound to cry again. It was SHINWA. Oh fuck, Satsuki's high piercing notes just gets me like no other. The sad story was told with pianos and strings. Before this, I never realized how talented Takumi was. What an eye-opener. 

"I'm very sad to think that we can't be members of RENTRER EN SOI like this anymore. Whatever happens in the future, the memories that we have worked hard for over the past seven and a half years will never die. So I want you to hold this scene here tonight in your minds and work hard for your future."

"Until now I have written various lyrics such as 'reality is a chaos' and 'I can't understand the meaning to live,' but I could sing because you listened to my words. We'll end the history of RENTRER EN SOI with the next song. Never forget and let this burn in your memories. Please don't forget the days when we met, when we walked together with smiles and tears. Now I want to send you the words 'thank you' as I am able to continue because you stood by me. We promise to meet you when we are born again. Even if you lose your way in the future, remember this scene, and you will be fine! Thank you!"

They delivered it. 


Friday, March 20, 2009 @ 2:50 PM
The Talking Maggot Maybe

I'll finally get a mic tomorrow. Things will go fine if I know how to fix the damn thing tho. I wouldn't want Sasa to start typing in German this weekend anyway. So pray for me people! When Jacy starts talking, you're dead. BWAHAHAHAH. 


I got the load-on-info about RENTRER EN SOI once again! This time its about Ryo. 

well, that man, other than eat and play in live..sleep and sleep and sleep only

he sleep at every opportunity

satsuki always curi tangkap his photo and post in their official blog xD

but ryo is so cute in his semi drooling state XDDD



Every rockstar is a kid at heart I believe. LOL. Cuteness! 


Something is terribly wrong with my hormonal levels. I feel high and gay around 1600 every single friggin time. My friends are having hard time with it lol. WHATS UP WITH THIS GAY!?!??! *spazzspazz* 


Talking to Shinyi about her infatuation Dragonball Z. Those were the times man. Good times seriously. My brother used to have this massive uber collection of Dragonball comics, and both of us were such fans. If only I could turn back the clock lol. Shinyi and I are now reenacting all the stuffs bout this old jewel. I could only remember some of the characters, and dude when I suddenly remembered MajinBuu, I went ASDFG! Omg he was the cutest thing ever. Pink fat monster haha. Somehow somewhat, I have this inevitable fate with pink fatties. Patrick & Majinbuu lol. Dammmn. 

Aren't these just cuddly?! Aw man. 

Wednesday, March 18, 2009 @ 3:33 PM
The Official Release


Its a book album!!!!!!oneleebvenm!!!!

Whats even better, the collaborations are just plan kick-ass material. Tablo, Mithra, MYK and other artists are gonna take the other fucking MCs down man!  

Without a label, they're running on their own independently without relying solely on their previous agency anymore. Their music is guaranteed to be raw and deeper. I believe with more lessons to be learnt by us the ignorant freaks. 


Your songs are often lyrical, startling and witty. What inspires you to write the songs? What is your working method while creating an album? Are there defined roles given to each member or do you discuss all the aspects of the album between each other?

Epik High: We are inspired by everything: music, films, books, people, conversations, nature... We believe in opening up all of the senses, including the sixth one, to take in all that exists. Having no prejudice is the most important thing. Inspiration comes from not only beautiful things, but ugly and decrepit things as well. Our entire creative process is detailed in our upcoming book/album.

For a few years now we can see a deep change in the music industry in Korea and all over the world too because of the transition of music into the digital era. Especially in Korea we can notice a real fall in CD sales. How do you see this as major artists? Do you think that the internet is the new market for selling music or that music consumers should stick with CDs?

Epik High: Selling CDs online is important. There aren't many CD stores left in Korea. That's another reason for us creating www.mapthesoul.com. Digital music is great, but the fact that you can't hold it in your hands makes it less personal, don't you think?

Your songs and MVs are sometimes banned in Korea, recently the same has also happened to TVXQ, Rain and Big Bang's Seungri. What do you think about this ban policy? Do you think it's legitimate, or does it take things too far?

Epik High: We think it's bullshit. Our stuff has been banned so many times that it's nothing new to us though. Good art gets out no matter what. To hell with the censors.

... that, my dear friends, is brilliance. Epik High till the death of me! 8D


Shinyi HAD  to tell me Satsuki's to release a new solo album soon. *dies* There I was stumbling over
MILLENARIANISM ~ The War of MEGIDDO ~. Here comes another bullet. AND POW! 

Tuesday, March 17, 2009 @ 10:35 PM
The Silent Update


@ 7:49 PM
The Rather Bad Infatuation

   O MAI GOD?!
I gotta get a grip right now. Yes.. I can do it.. I can do it.. No I cant. =\ This is beyond words man. Throughout the whole movie, I was literally looking out for him. Only him. ASDF! When he kissed Chi Chi, even worse for me. I WENT BERSERK! SADHDASBVDHSAUVBASUFSA. 

Okay this has got to stop. 

Justin Chatwin ahhhh.. *____*


I had so much fun watching the movie with Jaclyn & Joey lol. We basically commented and criticized the movie as we watched. Made some pretty good jokes outta it and managed to have a good loud laugh huh! I guess today was like Laugh-till-You-Die or something? The whole gang of us laughed like hell in Food&Tea as well. We even came up with some laughing waves LOL. Dammmmnnnn. X)

Monday, March 16, 2009 @ 10:47 PM
The Awesome-ness Part3


The long awaited update from yours truly, YcajGno. ;)

Thats what you're seeing. 

Crybaby YcajGno part1.

Crybaby YcajGno part2. I believe I was on the phone with Kat dear. :)

Crybabies galore. LOL. 

My babes. <3

My babes part2. <3

YcajGno & Daddy

YcajGno with Mommy & Daddy

The whole freaking bunch of us. ;)





Dude that day was nerve-wrecking as shit. Tears couldn't help but to find their way out of me even before the results was announced by Puan Habibah. You dunno how emotional I was at that very moment, owing to the fact as Suet Ching was already crying a little when she came. Tragic, simply tragic. Magical, however. Straight distinctions was already in my hands. There's nothing better than to express my heartfelt gratitude to the ones who cared for me until the very end. Yes that goes forward to my parents. Albeit I've been rebellious, I know, thats the least I could present you with. :) 

So yes mates, overall there are 12 of them who scored straight 10 A1's this year. Compared to last year, we definitely stepped it up a notch this year. Ah but who knows, it all depends on the normal distribution and quotas you know. But still. Whoa. Gratified much. I am proud to say that my friends and I play hard and study hard like no tomorrow! Sorry to sound like I was blowing my own trumpet but what the heck lah right. XD 




So the girls and I went to Olivenz to get high (NOT!) and to celebrate the night outta it. We were the ones with the most noice I reckon. But what the heck lah right again. XD I was seated so far away from my babes, but heck I had the great good chance to catch up with Yenmei, Losh & Suhanya man. Surprisingly, I love talking to Losh although she's been a lil intimidating to me last time in school. Of those who were told the times she had in KYUEM and that one emotional crazy babi guy. >_> 

Ah on and off, the night was wonderful. We had such a wonderful time together. Love them. 



We definitely sorta occupied the whole cafe. XD 

Someone's ice lemon tea.

My properties. 

Red wine chicken. Yenmei's plate.

YcajGno & Losh. 

YcajGno & Leeling

YcajGno & Leeling part2

Suetching & YcajGno & Christine 

YcajGno & Yenmei 

YcajGno & Suhanya 

Meiyee & YcajGno & Yennee

Waiyi & YcajGno & Yieping

Ycajgno & the Babes

Joey & Ycajgno

The boss. LOL. 

Glued to the computer 24/7. :O

Candid. <3

Suetching's idea : Lala pose. 

YcajGno & Yenwei

YcajGno & Yenwei part2

She's so cute. 

Snakes & Ladders.  Pretty much a cool game. Coz we get to drink one shot of beer each. ;)


Haha I love my Nie. 

Adorable right? <3

Rapist in action! LOL. Victor wouldn't like this. 

Next morning. 

Rad picture. :)






It took me more than a fucking hour to upload all these photos. Dang! Its so late. 0136 AM. D: Ah I miss you. 


Jacy Ong. =)