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skin by: Jane
Wednesday, October 29, 2008 @ 6:20 PM
The Sex

O mai god. My fingers are scaring the crap outta my ass.
But anyway lol,
Cheddar cheese + Wholemeal bread = Sex

Lol, it may sound ridiculously random but I love that combination.

I forgot to take the picture of my sandwich so I'll just give you guys this. ;)



Tuesday, October 28, 2008 @ 11:33 PM
The Comeback

YcajGno is back.

After two fucking days. I think.

Oh yeah.

See how much this kid needs her computer?

Hell yeah.

So, after all the hard work and toil I put in reviving my damn computer, it finally worked! You could never imagine how distressed and miserable I felt without my computer. Every single frekaing morning, I turn it on just to realize again that the taskbar and everything are gone.


WTF SCREW FIREWORKS MAN. I nearly got a heart attack just now. I literally jumped off my seat by like one centimetre.

Okay so back to my saddening case. I had to live without my winamp playerr! That was the worst thing ever. I need songs blasting from my speakers as I study along - Metal, rock or whatever shit. But oh wells, my computer is finally back and YcajGno is fucking back.

Lol, someone keeps saying this to me. You know who you are honey.

Someone : You're yummy. X)

Pretty obvious isn't it? MWAHAHAHAHA.

Edit : Talked to Leeya last night. Have neither talked nor seen her since she left form5 hmm. And she remembered me, thats a miracle lol. Hopefully she's doing well now.

Anyways, here goes.

That explains why I went to the toilet more than 5 times after 8 at night.


Before Yashini's Deepavali thing.

And here's a video for ya'll.

Hmm, I find this really amazing somehow.

Sunday, October 26, 2008 @ 5:21 PM
The Small Approach, Part 2

Note to frikkin self :

i) Fix guitar strings after SPM. I'm sorry baby.

ii) Learn something new, gg.

iii) SAW MARATHON CHYEAHHH. Till I get the DVDs.

iv) SPM's in two weeks man.

v) DIR EN GREY'S UROBOROS 2008.11.12

vi) Gazetto's LEECH 2008.11.12

Saturday, October 25, 2008 @ 11:44 PM
The Nostalgia

This love I'm never falling in love again
When I see my haggard face I wonder why I'm so stupid
This love Hey you, already gone and disappeared
Never returning: fly far, far away to behind the clouds
My story has no real heart or meaning; this is like one minus two
This love now forgotten, buried in time
Erasing all traces from memory, why my heart hurts like this
This love so tender, too young to love
All those memories: fly far, far away to behind the clouds
I don't understand
It ain't the same
It hurts so much you know
There's so much I haven't done for you
Come back
I was left empty
All the memories kept playing inside my lonely mind
They remind me of you
Everything's gonna be alright
Isn't it?
So damn, why am I feeling this way

Friday, October 24, 2008 @ 11:23 PM

Whats up people. Halloween's almost here. Maybe its already here. Whatever. Whenever Halloween's up, SAW gets premiered.


Somehow my body's tingling now I don't know why. My heart's beating faster too. Crap, look at what it has done to me.

This time, it's the fifth installment in the Saw series. Oh my fucking god, these have to be the most accomplished horror movies ever directed.



After SPM, I'm so gonna have a Saw marathon. Hell yeah. Chhyyyeahh.

Thursday, October 23, 2008 @ 5:54 PM
The Other Side of Me

I skipped school today, coz there was nothing much to do in school anymore except but to knock your head off as you study through the hours in class. Too, all the rubbish with friends lol. Yen Nee told me something stupid & silly about Suet Ching. All of us laughed at her, while she remained defensive. Srsly it was so funny. Silly her. XD

I hope you're reading this hahah, Suet Ching. Bahh, you'll prolly read it in December lol. What the heck.

So, I stayed home today. Showered in the morning. And did the whatever necessary every morning to freshen up myself a bit. I did a mask too, some Origin black charcoal mask thing. I feel cleaner everytime I do the mask, though blackheads and all those shit keep coming back to me. Grr. x_x

Well well, look at me. I'm black for once.

Wut yo probz, punkface?

See the clarity on my face now?

Don't think so dude.

Some dunno-what look.

Alright enough with the black charcoal mask pictures. Now lets hit my usual slacking haven!

Fucking phone with a fucking VGA camera, I can't take a good shot of my place.

Some cheapskate perfume I bought way back, Vanessa's rubber duck on my speaker, Samsung screen.

Thats my baby right there.

Last picture of the day.

Monday, October 20, 2008 @ 6:21 PM
The Cute Calling

peggy pandora:
big cousin !

peggy pandora:
i love that term
Hellborn Ycaj Di:
big cousin?
Hellborn Ycaj Di:

Hellborn Ycaj Di:
small cousin!
peggy pandora:
peggy pandora:
big cousin !
Hellborn Ycaj Di:
haha i like it when you call me that somehow XD
Hellborn Ycaj Di:
small cousin sounds wrong tho
peggy pandora:
i know
peggy pandora:

Big Cousin I am. Woohoo. X]

A really random post though, I sorta love Peggy. Not coz she's been bitching so much, but its coz of hmmm..tied by blood stuffs? Lol. Can't believe I'd even love this kid. XD

Sunday, October 19, 2008 @ 12:29 PM
The New Look

Whats up peeps.

YcajGno got a new hairdo.

Pictures below for further criticism lol.

Say Hello to new hair. HAR HAR.

YcajGno, obviously was foolin around in the car.

Peace homies~

Saturday, October 18, 2008 @ 8:23 PM
The Confession

i miss U

i love U

@ 2:03 PM
The Parody

How do I say this, girl
After I saw your myspace pic
I told myself
"You're the love of my life."
You don't know what it does to me
It's been messing with my mind baby
I think I'm going crazy
Crazy outta my mind
I couldn't eat, sleep and shower for awhile
Yeah I didn't shower
for three months now
But who really cares
When I got cologne
I don't really stink
So don't avoid me girl
Bring your body closer so we can make love
Move your body like this so we can make babies
I know stalking your myspace
is very creepy
I know masturbating to your pics
is very disturbing
But I can't help
to fantasize stuffs bout you all night long
And also can't really help
but to have wet dreams of you every night
Oh my myspace beautyyy ~
Even my buddies
all agreed that
you should get with me
instead of that kid
He's just a kid
He knows nothing
about making you feel good
in the pants
The way you walk, smile and wear that ugly glasses
makes me want you even more
You can't be compared
to those ugly bitches
Your beauty is outta the world
like the NASA shuttle
So I'm here to stalk your train station
Why are you over there with him instead of me
I'm even here
at your beauty salon
Without makeup
You still look hot
Yes I know stalking you everywhere is scary
Is it me
or do you get with every BB members
People do say I look like TaeYang of Big Bang
Dont be on him like that
Come over here and lemme show you
what is "big"
and mine is not "small"
Does that make you happy in your pants?

@ 1:10 PM
The Little Rebels

I was supposed to post this earlier, but I had to study. Prolly I'll go on short hiatus again due to some unforeseen circumstances? Lyk SPM. And my trials results are out whee!

Haha. Aight, to make thing short, that day Siu Yen, Lee Ling, Yen Nee and Jacy Ong did something outta the world. Well, its their first time and mine too actually. Never thought we did that actually. Bummer. Not a single regret though coz we loved every single second of it. Mhmmm, exciting ne? So gay ay ay ay ay. No no it's not sex you idiot. But who knows right? Foursome WHOA! *raises eyebrows* Nah no its not. Its better than that.

And you know what. Evon has been absent for like four freaking days man. Pissed us all off to the max.

And it's gonna be Dong Bang Shin Ki vs Big Bang for the MNet Music Festival whatever I cant remember shit. CMON BIG BANG WIN THISSSS! CMON CMON CMON. HARU HARU DEFINITELY OWNS THEM!

B to the I to the G BANG BANG!

Some pictures post graduation.

The Extended Family of 5 Lily. Evon is so cute here.

YcajGno & Loshini. My face looks so round lol. And my smile. Mhm.

Nothing beats this.

YcajGno & YenWei. Shawty drop it low for me~

Wednesday, October 15, 2008 @ 7:54 PM
The Ultimate Sin Lol.

School has been really fun nowadays. Well, I dread certain times in school but the good times definitely outweigh the bad times. My friends and I would usually babble babble nonstop, and at the same time I'll be doing my Addmath, Yen Nee would be doing her work, Siu Yen would be daydreaming and Lee Ling would be talking so loudly lol. Those are my days for ya. <3

Today was awesome too. I actually got to spend more time with Suet Ching. I have this little phobia for her sometimes in school. Prolly I don't wanna get her into trouble coz she's the head prefect and I always get into trouble with teachers. Just afraid the teachers would hunt for her, asking why hasn't she done anything about Ong Pei Yee lol. In fact, she told me that before. And damn, do I feel guilty or not. To make matters worse, I think I can't go to school one eyed anymore coz Pn Authar would cut my fringe off. SERIOUSLY DUDE. She had this sinister smile on her face this morning. For sure I was intimidated. I'll be slightly neater, promise. XD

Back to the the time spent earlier in school, Suet Ching spilled some of her secrets with us. If I were put in her shoes, I'd prolly do the same thing too. Do ponder, but its something I must not tell. Heehee. I realized Suet Ching and I had alot of things in common too.When she said she was egoistic, I was like HIGH FIVE MAN! Too much pride we hold in ourselves lol. We also had a lil bitchin on relationships. Definitely involved many of our friends too. Boy, it was so exciting! Listening to her problems, the paths she chose resulting in a condensed social life blah blah. We were all glad to lend her a pair of listening ears tho. =DD

And oh yeah, another thing between me & Suet Ching. We hope to be engineers. Well lets dream big shall we. I wanna save our fucked environment.

Fyi, I've been blasting Big Bang from my speakers, 24/7, nonstop, everyday, everyway. It feels like I've turned away from the rock world. I've sinned. O mai god. *falls*

Saturday, October 11, 2008 @ 11:35 PM
The Small Approach

Note to self :

i) Fix my guitar strings soon.

ii) Learn to sing Haru Haru properly.

iii) Love someone mhmm.

iv) Get prepared for SPM.

v) Sleep all day after that.

vi) Get my driving's licence woohoo! (Get me something sweet and I'll give you ride around Ipoh, gg)

Wow, these six things are hard to accomplish. Especially number 2. I banged my table singing to Haru Haru coz KOREAN IS JUST SUCHA PAIN IN THE ARSE YOU KNOW?! When they're rapping at least. Gotta nail this song. ~_~

I think Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus both suck dick. Bunch of retards.

I rest my case~

Friday, October 10, 2008 @ 7:40 PM
The Boundary Mark

Gomen for the late update. Well actually it's not that late, I wanted to post about the Graduation earlier, but what the heck haha. Anyways, there's not much to say coz I forgot what I wanted to say. It annoys the crap outta me sometimes, when I have this sudden spark of light in mind, then something had to steal my attention and BAH, I forgot what I was thinking. Not only that you knoww, when I don't need it it just comes to my mind. FRIGGIN PSYCHOLOGY? -_-"" Life's so unfair. XD

I should cut the crap hm. Okay, so I didnt get my white pair of lovely shoes. But it was good nonetheless, the feedbacks I got during the Graduation made me high. Lol~ Went to Team Hair to get my hair done. The guy said I really need to get my hair cut and trimmed properly coz the lengths are all fucked up apparently. AND I KNOW MY HAIR IS DAMAGED TO THE CORE. You can practically see all the split ends.. ew. No matter how much conditioner I use, my hair still feels like wires. Dont ever think of touching it. Pfft. How saddening right.

Reached Excelsior at about like 1 15 hmm. None of my friends were there yet, except for Michelle and Jaclyn. So I kindly helped them with the gifts for our teachers. I had to give Pn. Authar the gift wtf. They were obviously picking on me, coz Pn. Authar seems to always have issues with my hair blahblah. Or maybe because I'm such a good student, she doesn't kill me. Hmm. Thats a thought. Aight, the food was so so. Water was AWESOME. Teh tarik was okay. Performance was alright. I had much fun during our Umbrella, thats all. Am lost for words fyi.

After the whole event, my friends and I hit Moven Peak for a light snack. I had some mixed fruit ice cream whatever crap. AND HAHAHA HERE COMES THE FUNNY BIT. Evon, being the usual blur and slow girl she has always been :

Evon : Eh Jacy, your starfish not sour meh?

Us : Wtf? STARFISH?! *bursts out laughing*

And no, Patrick isn't sour. He's pink and adorable. *swoons* Our ice cream had starfruits in it. And this smart girl called it starfish wth. Well it doesnt sound as funny here, but we seriously laughed like nobody else's business hearing her said that. Evon is cute anyways. Maybe annoying at times too.

We were all reminiscing about the times we had together and stuffs. Ah, how nostalgic that day was.

Hm, pictures of me and a couple of smexy friends. Will upload more soon.

YcajGno & YenWei

YcajGno & Louis Vuitton & YenWei

YcajGno's Spirit Fingers & MeiYee

Peace homies~

Wednesday, October 8, 2008 @ 12:37 AM
The ...

Tagged by Crystal. Damnit. D:

1.What's your ambition?
Rockstar uh huh, somehow it's the same as Crystal's. Lol. An engineer, realistically speaking.

2.Who is more important to you?Friends or Boy/Girlfriend?
Friends, of course.

3. What kind of pictures do you like to take?
Doesn't own a camera, can't even dream of taking something good.

4. Do you think you have enough confidence?
I'm on the fence actually. I'd be a crazy apeshit if I had confidence all the time, which is impossible.

5. How many babies you want?
Two sounds like a nice number.

6. Do you believe in seeing a rainbow after the rain?
Not really. Nature's going haywire.

7. What is your goal for this year?
Distinctions in my SPM & having more time to spend with my guitar and loved ones.

8. Do you believe in eternity love?
Fuck no.

9. What's a perfect boy/girlfriend like to you?(List 10)
Pointless to answer this, nobody's perfect.

10. What feeling do you love the most?
Being loved and cared for.

11. What do you usually have for your late night snack?

12. If there anything you want to tell the ppl you hate?
Not really.

13. Do you cherish every single friendship of yours?
Only those dear to me.

14. What does 'flying' means to you?
And I'm up in the air, baby hell yeah~

15. What do you crave for the most currently?
MONAY. Money makes the whole go round. However, money is the root of all evil, tho.

16. Who's hotter,Chance Crawford or Kevin Peake?
Don't know.

17. Describe the person who tagged you in 5 words :
I don't really know her that well so I can't describe her just yet. Haha. x_x

18. What have you done to yourself make yourself happy?
Listening to music, getting good grades in school, playing the guitar and youtube.

19. What will you become in another 10 years to come?
Someone successful hopefully.

20. Would you rather kiss the toilet seat or do something that's really not your forte?
I'll have a whack at doing something that I'm not really good at. Till I nail it.

Instructions:Remove one question from the above and add in your personal question.Make a total 20 questions and tag 8 people.List them out at the end of your post.Notify them in their cbox that they've be tagged.Whoever does the tag will have blessings from all =]Good Luck
.... I don't feel like tagging anyone. xD xD

Monday, October 6, 2008 @ 8:12 PM
The Screwup.


Had a bad day.

But all is well now.

Thanks Vanessa. Without you somehow, I wouldn't have realized you were such a wonderful friend. Anyways, you have always been. You keep proving it to me again and again.

Sunday, October 5, 2008 @ 6:47 PM
The Vacancy


Just had an apple. It tasted weird. It was sweet and juicy and crunchy, but somehow just not my cup of tea. Get what I mean?

This blog is filled with irrelevancy and I think that its lame. But fun.

Uhm so, school's starting tomorrow! I look forward to school somehow coz there'll be crazy friends around to make my day. I just don't get it why some people hate to go to school so much? Damnit, my teachers would be giving back our papers and prolly reprimand us for doing this and that in the papers blahblah~ I don't wanna go to schoool! HAH, see? =pp

I contradict myself. I think. Yeah I do.

Caught up on G-Dragon. Again. I think he's cute. And oh, I'd pay good monay just to look and sing like him in Korean. Hmm?

This post is screwed up.


Saturday, October 4, 2008 @ 8:05 PM
The B to the I to the G G B to the A N G Addiction

Hoho, I think BigBang is the only korean band I listen to so far. Well, I dig other bands too like Epik High and some crappy DBSK. Lol. If you're observant and aware that my last.fm has been blasting with BigBang all the time. Pretty explains how stuck am I to them, especially haru haru. It is such a good song to begin with! After reading the translations, I teared up a bit. *hides* Can't believe Jacy Ong could get all mushy lovey dovey shit. AHHH! I nearly forgot. G-Dragon & T.O.P are my favourite from the members in there. If only I had one tenth of their rapping skills. DDD: I could sing Haru haru! But then again, Korean is tough. I think I'd just stick to Japanese and Engrish, since I suck in Chinese and Cantonese anyway.

Anyways cut the crap. Just came back from JJ. Got some frozen sweet corn and mixed vegetables. That'll be my lunch tomorrow, haven't had sweet corn in a cup sumfink in a long long time. This feels somewhat random and stupid. Whatever~

i was trying to achieve some dunno what look

inspiration from tenderxsugar. =)

Alright, gonna catch up with my lovely addmath. Its calling out to me. Can't resist such sexy subject. *wink wink*


Friday, October 3, 2008 @ 5:44 PM
The One

I always did the same thing over and over
I always just made you sad
I'm sure I even hurt you
I still can't move
Why is it so painful
To touch you?
Surely it's because I was scared
I'd do the same thing over and lose you
By drawing close, I tried to wipe away
That day I couldn't quite forget
You didn't ask anything
Just held my hand
Even if tomorrow your feelings are far away
I'll still love you without fail
Even if tomorrow you can't see me
I'll still love you without fail
I will walk together, the future not promised
It keeps walking together, to the future in which you are...
I love you so much
It even makes me forget the hard times
My heart yearns for you
Every time I count the nights I can't see you
The loneliness grows with each misunderstanding
Please don't cry alone
Let's believe in each other
No matter how far apart we are
I want to stay smiling like this
Don't make me hurt you
I don't want to repeat that feeling
That lessened as time passed
Even if tomorrow your feelings are far away
I'll still love you without fail
Even if tomorrow you can't see me
I'll still love you without fail
Please look only at me
Please don't let go of my hand
I will walk together, the future not promised
It keeps walking together, to the future in which you are...

Thursday, October 2, 2008 @ 4:54 PM
The Frustration

The title sorta explains it all, doesn't it? I'm still clueless about what to wear, coz seriously there are so many combinations I can go about. I REALLY NEED A PAIR OF WHITE SHOES. *bangs head* Maybe I'll just go window shopping in JJ this Saturday.. and probably come home empty handed. Hm, I'll just go to Parade after school I guess to see how things goes. Wish me luck, I really need some with me as somehow I'm really paranoid whether I'll look good or not. With awesome clothes, definitely I will. But if its the other way, I'll go hang myself tonight. Not literally of course. Doh.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008 @ 4:34 PM
The Start

Ok, so I'm finally back with a new blog. I dislike you, blogger. Or whatsoever journal sites coz you fucking make my head crash. Curse blogger.


Karma. <3

And also, this made me realize what a noob I was. I mean, PURE NOOB 100% POSITIVELY INFECTED NOOB DISEASE LIKE WTFOMGBBQ?! Apparently my disease isn't getting any better, thats so sad to hear. I can't stay being a noob for so fucking long, considering that I'm always in front of my comp multitasking shit. This is scary. =\

Anyways, how long has it been since I last blogged I wonder ay.. Bah, couldn't care less. I'm pretty sure this blog will be neglected like how my previous one got. I apologize in advance to my bloggie, but hey you gotta admit I furnished you up like a real man. =D Uhm, I've been watching The Nanny quite often now. Lol, the show is just so friggin hilarious man. It's like a retro series, you can tell it from Fran's hair. Hee. And chyeahh, everything said and done makes me laugh to the marrow of my bones. Spongebob Squarepants too! But somehow I renamed it Spongesquare Bobpants? Lol wtf. I have too much time on my side. Damn. x_x

Graduation Day is next week and I'm still sitting here doing nothing. I mean cmon, I have to be walking around looking for layers of clothes to wear right?! What the hell am I doing here. What the hell are YOU doing here Jacy?! Pfft, my parents are just being too tight on me. I can't get anything right now. T_T I need a decent pair of white shoes to go along with my black pants, a black jacket, a few layers of thin white clothes for the interior. This'll cost like 300 bucks?! Diu, I'm not filthy rich, but I just have way too much inspiration around. Nice.